Best of hearts

“I have known Jon Kennedy for many years.
…From my point of view, I see Jon Kennedy as a very intelligent individual with a strong knowledge of civics and finance. I believe he has the best of hearts and would be an effective and levelheaded Plumas County supervisor.”

~Johnny Moore


We need

“…I believe that Jon is running for office for all the right reasons: He cares! He cares about the economic state of our county, educating our children, helping local businesses and public safety. We need the fresh perspective that only Jon Kennedy can provide. We need Jon Kennedy for Supervisor of District 5.”

~Antoinette Quesenberry


Friend in need

“I am writing this letter in support of Jon Kennedy for county supervisor. I have known Jon (JP) for many years, both personally and professionally. The Kennedy family has been a permanent fixture of Plumas County since the early 1900s.
…We have a rare opportunity to elect a local, big-hearted, intelligent and passionate ally to represent Plumas County. And if we elect JP Kennedy supervisor, we can rest at night knowing he will fight for us the same as he fights for his good friends.”

~Duff Dupont


Truly amazing

“Over the past several weeks there have been many credible letters in support of Jon Kennedy for District 5 supervisor. However, none have touched on Kennedy’s natural mediation and problem solving skills, which are essential to the position he is seeking.
…Achieve real solutions for real problems, vote for Jon Kennedy, District 5 supervisor.”

~Nina Dupont-Stone


It factor

“…As a creative, ambitious entrepreneur, dedicated parent, former firefighter and active member of our community, Jon combines a broad base of real-life experiences with a deep concern for the success of our county.
…In life, many have the aptitude to become leader, but few have the "it factor" necessary to accomplish great things. Jon has this intangible ingredient, plus the desire to listen and offer encouragement and empathy to others.”

~Jeremy Inman


“Jon Kennedy is a hard working honest man. If you want someone in office who is more interested in working for the people than politics, then he is the one to vote for.”

~Craig Phillips


“I have known Jon for a long time. I have always admired his 'Can Do' attitude and when Jon says he will do something, he follows through like all great leaders. Its time for a change - Vote for Jon... YES HE CAN, YES HE CAN”

~Gus Kyriakos


“I'm wondering what it will be like to have a real County Supervisor in District 5. One with a little bounce in his step, one that will say, 'what about the people?' One that will find out the need and do something about it. It is time for some new blood and a vision for growth. A mover, a shaker and a red tape shredder!! ... With today’s economic struggles, sleeping on the job can't be tolerated. I say Vote for Jon Kennedy! He is wide awake and wants to serve YOU in YOUR district and represent YOUR interest in Plumas County.”

~Andy Moser

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